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Spring Cloud Contract 1.0.0.RELEASE Available!

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I’ve just published an article at the Spring blog about Spring Cloud Contract 1.0.0.RELEASE is available.

I’m really happy that the project is GA. Even though as the Accurest project we had already done a GA release, it really feels that a lot of effort was put in order to release the GA version under the Pivotal’s Spring Cloud branding. Let’s look at some numbers:

That’s quite a lot of work! But there we are, with a library that has already been battle-proven on production by many companies, even before being GA as Spring Cloud Contract.

Accurest and Stub Runner 1.1.0.M3

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Currently at the Spring Team we’re polishing our libraries for the upcoming final release of the Brixton train. It should happen soon :) Until then I’m spending a lot of my after work, free time on Accurest and Stub Runner.

Today’s post will be about the new stuff that you will be able to profit from in the upcoming 1.1.0 release of Accurest. Also you can profit from most of these features in the 1.1.0.M3 release.

I’ll just quickly go through the features but note that you can read about all of them in more depth in our documentation .

Accurest Docs Updated

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After a lot of sleepless nights I’ve finally migrated the Accurest Docs from Github’s Wiki to Asciidoctor. With that change the vast majority of our snippets is taken from the tests. Also thanks to that change it will be much easier to keep the docs up to date since the documentation lives together with the code.

Quite frankly recently when I didn’t code Spring Cloud Sleuth I did a lot around Accurest and messaging so stay tuned! For sure there will be a new post about Consumer Driven Contracts and Messaging.

AccuREST Stub Runner Released

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It’s been a good release time recently! I’m blogging here at Too Much Coding blog more about releases then about any concrete topics ;)

After releasing Spring Cloud Sleuth as a part of Brixton RC1 we have just released a version 1.0.4 of AccuREST. We’ve fixed a couple of bugs but we’ve introduced a couple of big features including:

This post will describe the latter feature in more depth.